About project

This website were created with support of the project "CzechAdapt – System for Exchange of Information on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation Measures on the Territory of the Czech Republic" (EHP-CZ02-OV-1-014-2014) which was supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The aim of this broad and interdisciplinary project was to create an open and continuously updated online database summarizing information about climate change impacts, risks, vulnerabilities and adaptation measures. Outcomes were prepared for the whole area of ​​the Czech Republic on the basis of best available techniques and cooperation of specialist teams.

Other goals of the project was to create an information system that provides integrated monitoring and early warning system; and also design the user-friendly system with an emphasis on a high degree of resolution (from the area in front of the Czech regions to individual stations).

The project was conducted in 4 activities as follows:

Activity I: preparation of a robust and collective database data;

Activity II: the creation of a flexible and open database of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation measures in connection with the issue of climate protection at the national, regional and local levels;

Activity III: commissioning an integrated monitoring and warning system for monitoring, early warning and prognosis;

Activity IV: organizing information campaigns aimed at vulnerabilities, risks, impacts and adaptation measures through a series of workshops and a final conference focused on particularly vulnerable regions.


Project is coordinated by Global Change Research Institue AS CR (GCRI), Department  of Climate Analysis and Modelling. 

GCRI is a public research institution, European center of excellence investigating the ongoing global change and its impact on the atmosphere, biosphere and human society through the use of the latest techniques and instrumentation. The research focuses primarily on the development of climate and its future scenarios, on the carbon cycle and the effects of changing conditions on the production and biodiversity of ecosystems and on the impacts on the future development and behavior of our society. The integral part of CzechGlobe are activities aiming at the development of innovation technological processes, proposals of measures for adaptation and educational activities.

Our partners:

Mendel university in Brno

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Cooperation with colleagues from Norwegian University of Life Sciences resumed on long lasting cooperation on previous project CzechAdapt. During the ongoing project colleagues profesor Arne Skjelvag and profesor Ole Hans Baadshaug visited Czechglobe's workplace two times. The visits were during kick off meeting (June 2015) and during ongoing project (December 2015). Both colleagues took part in workshops, meetings, planning of the project and their inputs helped project's development and vision.